Open Coil Duct

For HVAC systems
These overhead heating units can be manufactured with both open coil, tubular and fin tubular options.

Open Coil Design

  • Mounting frames and all hardware manufactured with stainless steel 304
  • The resistance wire is 60/15 Nickel chromium Kanthal® wire
  • The resistance wire is designed with the highest rated temperature rating increasing the safety factor
  • C-clip ceramic holders provide excellent dielectric insulation
  • Structural bars for the clips are designed for easy light weight assembly
  • All mounting frames and supports laser cut for high precision fitment

Tubular and Fin-tubular Design

  • Mounting frames and all hardware manufactured with stainless steel 304
  • Mineral insulated heating elements for superior mechanical strength resistant against shock and vibration

Open Coil Duct

Approvals & Certifications

All our manufactured heater elements are presently CSA and/or NRTCUL approved and/or CE certified. Our products are manufactured and controlled by our internal Quality Management System. This program allows TriVolt to track the quality of every component that make up our products and monitors the workmanship of every electrical heater and sensor manufactured and assembled in our facility.

CSA Std.C22.2. no 72-M1984
UL Standard 1030 6th Edition
EN 60335-1:2004
Shock and Vibration: IEC 61373; Category 1; Class B
CAN/CSA-C22.2 No. 72-10 (2013)
UL 499 Thirteenth Editions; Class 2871-02 and 2871-82.

TriVolt Industries can also comply with any customer specifications such as “Buy America”. Our facility in Westfield, MA, USA lends itself to perform final assembly of heaters and systems to accommodate any Buy-America content requirement.

We can also generate special test conditions with specific set-ups, use computer models to design or isolate problem areas.

We are continuously improving our manufacture methods and products through testing, research and development. Our high standards extend beyond our product line.